2014 HIN Tour Schedule

> March 15: Houston, TX (George R. Brown Convention Center) w/ Anime Matsuri

> March 28-30: Seoul, Korea (Korea International Exhibition Center – KINTEX) w/ Korea Automotive Week 2014

> March 29: Honolulu, HI (Blaisdell Exhibition Center & Arena) featuring AT&T Developers Summit & Connected Car Expo

> April 26-27: Manila, Philippines (Metrotent / Metrowalk)

> May 17: Orlando, FL (Orlando Speed World) w/ SWD “Hardcore Drift Tour”

> June 17-19: Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay Convention Center) Licensing Expo Motorsports Cafe 

> June 28: Santa Clara, CA (Santa Clara Convention Center) w/ AT&T Connected Car Hackathon and Surefire Vapor Village

> June 28: Worcester, MA (DCU Center)

> July 26: Seattle, WA (Tacoma Dome)

> August 2: Loudon, NH (New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

> August 23: Dallas, TX (Market Hall)

> August 30: Secaucus, NJ (Meadowlands Exposition Center)

> September 13: Phoenix, AZ (Phoenix Convention Center) = DATE CHANGE TO >>> NOV 22nd, 2014

> September 20: Los Angeles Super Show (Downtown San Pedro) Multiple City Blocks *Saturday*

> October 4: Minneapolis, MN (Minneapolis Convention Center)

> November 3 & 6: Las Vegas, NV (SEMA Opening and Closing Parties – Monday @ Marquee / Thursday @ Tao)

> November 22: Phoenix, AZ (Phoenix Convention Center) *Date Change from 9/13/14 to 11/22/14*

> December 6: Honolulu, HI (Blaisdell Exhibition Center) *Date Change from 12/13/14 to 12/6/14*

> December 20: Jacksonville, FL (Prime F. Osborn Convention Center)

** venues subject to change

Vendor / Sponsor Inquiries: info@hotimportnights.com or katie@hotimportnights.com

General Inquiries: info@hotimportnights.com


September 20th, 2014 – Downtown San Pedro – Los Angeles, CA


ATTENDEES: https://hin.webconnex.com/hinlaguest2014

VEHICLE REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/lacarreg2014

VENDORS/SPONSORS: info@hotimportnights.com OR katie@hotimportnights.com

MODEL SIGN-UP: models@hotimportnights.com

MEDIA REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/lamedia2014

PROMOTER REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/lapromoter2014

October 4th, 2014 – Minneapolis Convention Center – Minneapolis, MN


GET TICKETS NOW: https://hin.webconnex.com/minneapolistickets2014

VEHICLE REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/minneapoliscarreg2014

VENDORS/SPONSORS: info@hotimportnights.com OR katie@hotimportnights.com

MODEL SIGN-UP: models@hotimportnights.com

MEDIA REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/mnmedia2014

PROMOTER REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/mnpromoter2014

November 22, 2014 – Phoenix Convention Center – Phoenix, AZ

GET TICKETS NOW: https://hin.webconnex.com/phoenixtickets2014

VEHICLE REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/phoenixcarreg2014

VENDOR/SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES: info@hotimportnights.com OR katie@hotimportnights.com

MODEL SIGN-UP: models@hotimportnights.com

MEDIA REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/phoenixmedia2014

PROMOTER SIGN-UP: https://hin.webconnex.com/phoenixpromoter2014

December 6, 2014 – Blaisdell Exhibition Center – Honolulu, HI

VEHICLE REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/hawaiicarreg2014D

VENDOR/SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES: info@hotimportnights.com OR katie@hotimportnights.com

MODEL SIGN-UP: models@hotimportnights.com

MEDIA REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/blaisdellmedia2014

PROMOTER SIGN-UP: https://hin.webconnex.com/blaisdellpromoter2014

December 20, 2014 – Prime F. Osborn Convention Center – Jacksonville, FL


VEHICLE REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/jacksonvillecarreg2014

VENDOR/SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES: info@hotimportnights.com OR katie@hotimportnights.com

MODEL SIGN-UP: models@hotimportnights.com

MEDIA REGISTRATION: https://hin.webconnex.com/jacksonvillemedia2014

PROMOTER SIGN-UP: https://hin.webconnex.com/jacksonvillepromoter2014

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